Designer / Researcher


MSc Digital Architecture and Design, University of Sheffield


Jan 2018

The main purpose of this study is to test the potential of BIM application in an integrated design process towards Green BIM, or collaborative sustainable design. The study is conducted on an undergraduate studio project, which is an office building in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. There are 3 steps that will be performed:

  1. Creating a parametric adaptive system, in this case, a solar shading façade that directly connects to the building’s sustainability.
  2. Altering the façade through simulation and analysing, using Dynamo plugin and local climate data.
  3. Evaluating the façade’s effectiveness by analysing building performance data and comparing to LEED certificate system, using Revit EnergyPlus plugin – Insight.

After this study, a basic understanding and assessment of the Green BIM design process can be achieved, which will be the fundamental for future research and development.