Designer / Researcher


MSc Digital Architecture and Design, University of Sheffield


Jan 2018

The aim of this project is to test whether a parametric function can generate a fluid interior space, regarding its contextual elements, such as dimensions and reference points. Characteristics of the space are:

  1. The inner space is separated yet still interconnected, by a single curved surface that is derived from a parametric function simulating liquid fluidity.
  2. A parametric box and user-defined reference points are used as the context for the curved surface generator. Therefore, this fluid space can be varied and applied to any box-shaped room as an installation or flexible / interactive space.
  3. A fabrication process is proposed, which suggests a simple and structurally-free method to create a fluid interior space.

As a result, there are three points that this project addresses: (1) The process of generating and analysing the context parameters; (2) The liquid fluidity simulating parametric function; and (3) The fabrication strategy.
The eventual space, which is highly diversity and can provide a broad range of priority level, is proposed to be used as public and semi-public space, such as library, cafeteria, exhibition or courtyard, since it can adapt to varied social comfortable needs.